Belmont Brand & Logo

Belmont University Logo Policy

The Belmont University official logo is the Bell Tower mark. Each department, unit and college at the University has a version of the Belmont logo that is specific to them and features their name.

Belmont is a collection of endorsed brands. This means that the parent brand is Belmont University and a variety of sub-brands exist and live under this umbrella. While some of these sub-brands may operate independently and with their own logos at the forefront to their constituent base, they still reflect upward to the parent brand.

Because of this, a logo may be authorized for creation by the University Marketing and Communications if the entity requesting it is primarily focused on external audiences. This is reserved in rare cases for Presidential-level initiatives or strategic priorities.

A great example is the “Let Hope Abound” logo. It should not be used to replace the Belmont logo, but instead, as a complement. It can appear as the leading logo element—however the Belmont logo would take a secondary focus, yet still maintain presence.

Many times a department may need promotional and communications help that does not involve the need for a logo. UMAC may recommend a brand look or design elements rather than a logo or mark if that best accomplishes the goal.

At times, UMAC may recommend that internal units create their own branding utilizing the design software, Canva. Multiple departments across campus have access to the university license. Please contact UMAC to learn more about how you can utilize this platform. 

For more specific questions, contact the UMAC department at to discuss a logo request, strategy or a need for promotional support.