Attorneys & Advocates

Community Accountability

Belmont's conduct process is not a criminal or civil litigation process; therefore, we do not allow the participation of licensed attorneys within our disciplinary situations. Our process is meant to be non-adversarial and educational in nature. We meet students where their choices have led them, we hold them accountable for their choices to respectfully challenge the way they think about making decisions as a community member, and we walk beside them throughout the adjudication process, so they know our response is because we care about the choices they make but do not judge them as individuals beholden to their past.

Our combined experience as educators, academic research in student development, and our living faith inform this process. Accordingly, we feel confident it will create a living and learning environment that empowers students to engage positively in the collegiate experience academically, personally, and collectively.


FERPA awards students certain rights of access to educational records and imposes upon the university obligations concerning the release and disclosure of those records to third parties.

Therefore, each Belmont student will need to provide written consent to release any informational, educational, or financial records to any party outside of his or herself.

The individuals listed on the FERPA form will be granted access to share or discuss matters related to a student's account. If an individual is not listed on the form (i.e., a parent), then the university cannot release any student information to that individual. However, this FERPA form also serves to notify the university of a student's dependent or independent familial status. The Buckley Amendment regulations allow the university to disclose information from an educational record to parent(s) or guardian(s) if a student is considered a dependent for federal income tax purposes.

Please email if you have questions about this submission. Students can re-submit this information at any time, and the information on the most recent submission will be honored.