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Community Relations

Belmont's Office of Community Relations

The Office seeks to identify and cultivate alliances with neighborhoods, community groups, nonprofits and governmental authorities in Nashville to increase the effectiveness of Belmont’s outreach and service initiatives.

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  • For a drafted version of Belmont's Institutional Overlay Master Development Plan, click here. Highlighted text is new, while the remainder of the document is original to the 2005 plan that remains in effect. 

Office initiatives include:

The Belmont Engagement and Service Team: An effort to consistently improve the effectiveness of Belmont's engagement with the Nashville community by:

  • Sharing information, experiences and practices related to community engagement
  • Working as equal partners with community groups, partnerships and collaborations to improve community quality of life, while enhancing the Belmont student experience
  • Thinking strategically about community capacity building

The Neighborhood Advisory Group: The Belmont University Neighborhood Advisory Group was formally established by the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County in 2005 as part of the passage of BL 2005-555, an ordinance establishing the Belmont University Institutional Overlay Zoning. The advisory group works with the neighborhood, Belmont University, and Metropolitan Planning staff on issues associated with implementing the institutional overlay and its’ associated Master Development Plan.

The membership of the Advisory Group was expanded in 2007 by action of Metro Government to further inform the operation and oversight of the Lease Agreement between Belmont University and the Metropolitan Department of Parks and Recreation. 

Pictured left to right, top row: Charles Howe; Bob Bernstein; John Green, chair; L. Gregory Jones, Belmont president; Tom Cash, council member 18th District; and Gladys Easley. Left to right, bottom row: Rebecca Cornell; Lindsey Moffat with Toney Cole on Facetime; Patricia McCarroll; Helen Moore Robinson; and Cordenus Eddings. Not Pictured: Cynthia Owsley.

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