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Rev. Charlie Curb Center for Faith Leadership

Christ never intended for the church, nor its leaders, to be out of touch, out of place or out of vision.

The Reverend Charlie Curb Center for Faith Leadership longs to become a resource to ensure that faith-based leaders have the tools to lead effectively.

The Center was created to provide continuing education through innovative thought, insightful dialogue, and entrepreneurial approaches in order to equip executive-level leaders in faith-based organizations to think strategically about guiding organizations to be relevant to culture, relational to community, and resolute in identity.

The Center currently offers a number of programs, initiatives, webinars, workshops, and thematic studies to help women and men lead with hope, knowledge, and insight.  The Center also offers a wide-range of initiatives including an Executive Certificate Program in Church Leadership, a Lilly Endowment-funded, 5-year project with local congregations called Project Thrive, the Belmont Initiative for Jewish Engagement, and the Jesus Worldview Project.  Information about each of these initiatives can be found on this website.

A Moment that Matters

A Moment That Matters with Dr. Jon Roebuck is a weekly video series offering insightful discussions and spiritual wisdom. Join Dr. Roebuck on a transformative journey of self-discovery, navigating life's challenges, finding purpose, and deepening connections.

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