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Welcome to the Bruin Family! 

approximately 100% of parents love their Belmont Bruin

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Parents play a vital role in the life of the University. The Office of Parent Engagement aims to support the efforts of Bruin parents as you help your sons and daughters develop into independent adults who take charge of their own lives, making decisions with greater confidence than ever before. It is our desire to equip parents like you with information to empower your Bruins to thrive at Belmont.

In addition, when your student chooses Belmont, you become a part of the broader Bruin community too! As such, we encourage our Bruin parents to support our students in many ways. From attending campus events and cheering on our Belmont athletes and performers, to providing mentorship, internship and scholarship opportunities, you can enjoy a Belmont experience all your own. We invite you to engage and inspire as our parents so often do. Welcome to the Bruin family!

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