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College of Pharmacy student working in a Pharmacy setting, practicing using tools.

Experiential Education

Learn from experience.

Pharmacy Practice Experience Programs (PPEPs) are a core component of the College of Pharmacy's educational plan. These experiential based programs span seven semesters, beginning in the second semester of the first professional year. These programs are tiered as Early, Intermediate, and Advanced experiences. The overarching goal of the PPEPs is to provide our students exposure to a broad range of patient and inter-professional groups within different practice environments that are representative of contemporary pharmacist-provided patient care.

Our Pharmacy Practice Experience Programs (PPEPs) are delivered in collaboration with and through our pool of full-time Practice Faculty, Affiliate Faculty, and Pharmacy mentors (collectively referred to as Experiential Education Faculty). PPEPs help our students develop knowledge from experience as well as to use knowledge to gain experience. Creating this fundamental link between practice and knowledge helps to build core competencies plus, instill values and attitudes essential to providing patient care in the pharmacy setting. This form of Experiential Education provides our students with the fundamental skills to prepare them for careers in healthcare administration, public policy and other areas of the healthcare arena and the profession of pharmacy. The College of Pharmacy coordinates APPE and IPPE opportunities for students at locations in Tennessee and across the United States within regulatory guidelines developed by each state. International opportunities are also available.

Practice Faculty Locations

Practice faculty divide their time between the classroom at Belmont and their community sites where they teach student pharmacists through their professional practice.

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