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EMS is the university scheduling software for classes, meetings and events.   

EMS provides campus with a centralized database for space usage.  All campus classes, meetings, and events are scheduled through this process.

Go to the EMS WebApp home page and select "I've forgotten my password".  This will provide further instruction for resetting.

Space request need to be made at least 10 business days in advance.  This allows ample time for scheduling, staffing and allocating resources.

Use a classroom for meetings, WELLCore and lecture style events that can take the room setup as-is and no food will be at your event. 

Use an event space when your event is too large for a classroom, you have a specific setup for the room which will be set by the Office of Event Services, or if your event will include catering. 

EMS WebApp users are able to make adjustments to requests in the EMS WebApp option My Reservations.  For already scheduled events, please contact your Event Manager directly, the Event Manager contact information can be found in the confirmation email you received from EMS. 

Typically this means the search parameters are too specific and you need to remove the number of people from the search.  If the issue still persists, please contact the Office of University Scheduling at or (615) 460-5652.

If you receive the “first available booking date violation” notification while using the EMS WebApp, your request has not been submitted 10 business days in advance. 

Due to the staffing and resource limitations, we are unable to accommodate requests that are not submitted at least ten 10 business days in advance. 

It is best to provide as much information as possible such as: date, time, programing details, special event aspects, room setup, A/V needs, and FOAPAL

Every event request must contain a FOAPAL regardless if there are charges or not.  Should your event require a charge you will be notified by the Office of University Scheduling before your event is confirmed and your Event Manager will provide an estimate before the event. FOAPALs are not automatically charged.

The Office of University Scheduling will reply to requests via email within five business days of the event request with an event confirmation or alternative suggestions for time or location if the initial request cannot be fulfilled. 

The following spaces across campus are considered designated event spaces:  

  • Ayers C/D (Faculty/Staff only) 
  • Beaman A&B 
  • Curb Event Center Arena  
  • Gabhart Multipurpose A&B (Student Organizations only) 
  • Gabhart Chapel  
  • Maddox Grand Atrium 
  • Massey Board Room 
  • McWhorter Boardroom 409 (Faculty/Staff only) 
  • Vince Gill Room 

Requests for events outside of these spaces may incur additional fees. 

There are six boxes with seating layouts in each box.  Box 1 is called Classroom Style and shows rows of seating at long rectangular tables. There are two chairs per table.  Box 2 is called Crescent Rounds and shows round tables with six chairs around each table.  The chairs are all positioned on only a little more than half the table with the other side being open.  Box 3 is called Hollow Square and shows tables setup to create a large rectangle shape with the center of the rectangle being completely open.  Chairs are positioned on the outside of the rectangle and are facing the center open area.  Box 4 is called Rounds of 8 and shows round tables with eight chairs around each table.  Box 5 is called Theater Style and shows chairs lined up in rows with no tables.  Box 6 is called U-Shape: and it shows tables setup to create a large U shape with chairs positioned on the outside of the U.  The chairs are facing towards the center of the U shape.

If you would like a specific setup not included here, please contact or (615) 460-5652.

The Private Dining room is an isolated room in the Harrington Dining Hall which Faculty/Staff are able to reserve for meals as an alternative to catering.  All guests using the Private Dining room have access to the Harrington Dining Hall meal options. This room is provided as-is and does not have A/V capabilities.

Tables are available for recognized student organizations and faculty/staff departments to use on-campus for the purpose of promotions, fundraisers, and displays. Groups may request one six-foot table for promotional/display purposes. A maximum of two tables for promotional/display purposes are permitted in public areas at any given time. This does not include tables for events. 

Belmont Employees who wish to have a personal event on campus can submit the request via the EMS WebApp.  The process to schedule a personal event is as follows: Complete the Event Space Request Form with FOAPALs on the EMS WebApp – provide a thorough description of the event, equipment and A/V needs and note “Requesting Approval for a Personal Event” in the "Please provide a description of this event" box on the form. 

Individual students who wish to request a classroom or event space should contact the Office of University Scheduling at or (615) 460-6786 at least 10 business days in advance with the following information: date and time of event, preferred room, preferred room setup, and A/V and technical support needs.  

Sodexo is the University's preferred caterer and faculty/staff requests must use Sodexo for campus catering needs. 

Recognized student organizations are approved for outside food at their gatherings up to a cost of $250, any other amounts must go through Sodexo.

The following items are not permitted in campus event spaces: 

  • Helium balloons are prohibited in the Beaman Student Life Center, Curb Event Center, Janet Ayers Academic Center Conference Room C&D, Maddox Grand Atrium, and McAfee Concert Hall.
  • Fireworks. 
  • Weapons or dangerous devices of any kind. 
  • Illegal drugs and alcohol. 

Patrons found to be in possession of any of these items will be subject to removal from the campus and event privileges will be revoked. 

Belmont seeks to provide a workplace free of non-approved solicitation materials. For this reason, solicitation or distribution of solicitation material during work time is prohibited. “Work time” is defined as any time when the soliciting employee or the employee being solicited is scheduled to be working. Persons not employed by Belmont University may not solicit or distribute solicitation material on university property for any purpose at any time without proper authorization. Authorization for any type of solicitation must be approved by the Director of Auxiliary Services. Posters or flyers must be approved by Student Affairs prior to posting. All posters and flyers must adhere to the University Posting Policy. 

Anchor and protected events are priority pieces of university programming (i.e. commencement, opening convocation, and home basketball games). The Anchor and Protected Calendar is managed by the Office of University Scheduling. 

Protected holds are placed to prevent any scheduling conflict with protected events.  Classes scheduled by the registrar are the only scheduling exception to anchor and protected events. 

Don't see your question? Contact us at or (615) 460-5652.