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Student Organizations

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Requesting Space as a Student Organization 

Students involved in an approved student organization may reserve space for organization activities by contacting with the Office of Student Engagement and University Scheduling. 

Please remember all requests need to be submitted at least 10 business days in advance. 

Room Availability 

Check space availability for the date and time you are requesting here:  EMS WebApp .  Once you are on the page, select Locations on the left hand sidebar, enter the date of your event in the filters.  You can narrow the results by adding additional filters.    

Once you have checked availability, please submit your request in BruinLink under the Student Organization Activity Forms.  The Office of Student Engagement will enter your request into EMS. Be sure to have your request submitted at least 10 business days in advance.  If you have questions about accessing and submitting your request in BruinLink, contact the Office of Student Engagement at or (615) 460-8530. 

Do I need a classroom or an event space?  

You will want to use a classroom for meetings, WELL Core and lecture style events that can take the room setup as-is and no food will be at your event.  

Event spaces are used when your event is too large for a classroom, you have a specific setup for the room which will be set by the Office of Event Services, or if your event will include catering. 

What are the event spaces available for student organization reservations?  
  • Beaman A&B  
  • Curb Event Center Arena  
  • Gabhart Chapel (additional approvals required) 
  • Gabhart Flex Room 
  • Gabhart A/B Multipurpose Room 
  • Maddox Grand Atrium  
  • Massey Boardroom  
  • VGR (additional approvals required) 
Reminders for student organizations:  
  • Food is not permitted in classrooms, only in events spaces.  
  • All food must be purchased through Sodexo, with the exception of small gatherings where food expenditures will not exceed $250.   
  • When looking for space, we strive for at least 60% capacity of that room.  
  • Be sure to provide as many details as possible when submitting your request via BruinLink.  

 If you have a question, please contact us at or (615) 460-5652. 

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