Q#1: What is a certificate of insurance?

A Certificate of Insurance is a document used to verify an organization is insured. Outside parties often request Belmont University to confirm various types and levels of insurance in connection with business agreements.

If you need a Certificate of Insurance, complete the COI Request Form.

If you are a Motion Pictures student, complete the Motion Picture Request COI Request Form.

Q#2: If I'm driving for university-related business, what do I need to do?

A. Review and sign the Driver Safety Policy.  Send the signed policy, a copy of your driver's license and auto insurance card to riskmanagement@belmont.edu. Once we receive the documents, you will soon receive an email from our Motor Vehicle Report vendor (Intellicorp) which includes a weblink to complete the MVR request.  When completing the form, you will need to use your departmental budget number to complete the “Reference” line.  The weblink expires in 5 days, so complete the MVR as soon as possible. Once you submit the request and we receive the report, we will send you an email with the approval decision.  See next question if you are driving a 12-passenger van, box truck, cargo van or similar cargo vehicle.

Q#3: What if I'm driving a vehicle leased, rented, loaned to, or owned by Belmont University?

A. Follow the instructions for question #2 above.  For further instruction see question #4 below.

Q#4: Do I need to purchase the offered insurance for a vehicle rented for Belmont University-related travel?

A. No. Insurance is covered for all rented vehicles used for Belmont University-related travel, and Belmont's insurance is considered primary in these situations.

Q#5: What if I'm driving a 12-passenger van, box truck, cargo van or similar cargo vehicle?

A. If you will be driving a 12-passenger van, box truck, cargo van, or similar cargo vehicle, you must complete an online 45-minute driver safety training.  This training will be provided by the university, and it is valid for three years once completed.  You can access the training through these Driving Safety Course Instructions, and notify riskmanagement@belmont.edu when you have completed the course.

Q#6: What do I do I have work related injury or illness? 

A. Contact HR (615) 460-6456 to file a Workers Comp claim.

Q#7: What do I do if I’m involved in a vehicle accident while on Belmont University business?

A. Seek medical treatment, if needed. Notify law enforcement to complete a police report. Notify your supervisor or trip organizer. Notify the Office of Risk Management and Compliance at (615) 460-6766 with the details of the incident, the police report and information of all of those involved. 

Q#8: Who do I contact if I have an insurance claim with Belmont University?

A. Contact the Office of Risk Management: riskmanagement@belmont.edu | (615) 460-5429

Q#9: What forms should be completed when taking students on course related travel?

A. Complete the Assumption of Risk and Release Agreement and Medical Information Form for any student activities which pose inherent risks (rock climbing, swimming, boating, hiking, etc.), when the activity involves travel of over 120 miles one way and/or involves an overnight stay. Return the completed forms to the trip organizer or department head, and take a copy of the forms with you on the trip.

Q#10: What if I’m a student that needs a waiver for hosting a Belmont University student organization sponsored event?

A. Complete the Group Assumption of Risk and Release Agreement at the event. Return the completed forms to the student organization faculty/staff advisor, department head or Student Affairs.

Q#11: What if I'm a student and have additional questions about requesting Motor Vehicle Records?

A. If you are student and need more information about requesting Motor Vehicle Records or Certificates of Insurance, review the Student Guide for Motor Vehicle Records and Certificates of Insurance.