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Statement of Financial Responsibility

Note: The Statement of Financial Responsibility is to be completed and signed through the student MyBelmont account each semester.

Enrolling in classes at Belmont University constitutes a student’s financial commitment to pay the tuition, fees and other applicable charges associated with enrollment. 

  • I understand that registration is a binding contract between me (student) and the University where advanced value is provided in the form of educational services. 
  • I agree to pay tuition, fees, and other educational charges including, but not limited to housing, meal plan, as well as parking fines by the published payment due date found on the SFS web page 
  • Non-attendance does not relieve me (student) from the financial implications of registering for classes, housing, or meal plan. University Withdrawal Policy | Belmont University 
  • I assume responsibility for charges not paid by a third party including corporate sponsors, employers or other third parties who agreed to pay for tuition, fees, and other education charges to Belmont on my behalf. 
  • I understand my responsibility to meet the published payment deadline regardless of whether or not a statement was received. 
  • If it is necessary for Belmont University to refer my account to a collection agency for collection, I agree to reimburse Belmont University the total amount of all costs and fees incurred in collection of the debt. I understand that this amount may include a percentage of the debt owed up to a maximum of 35% of the debt. 
  • I understand that I will not be allowed to register for classes in a future term if there is an unpaid balance in my student account with Belmont University or any of its collection agencies. I further understand that an unpaid balance will result in a hold being placed on my account, which will inhibit me from receiving an academic transcript or diploma. 
  • I understand that if I am not enrolled as a full-time student (at least 12 semester hours) and have not completed the FAFSA I will not be eligible for consideration to receive Belmont’s financial grants or scholarships. 
  • I understand that Federal, state nor institutional financial aid cannot be applied to a past due balance. 
  • It is my responsibility to view my MyBelmont account to access billing statement(s), email reminder(s) and financial obligation(s).


Consent To Conduct Business Electronically 

  • I consent to receive electronic communication for billing statement(s), payment reminder(s), payment method(s) and direct deposit refund(s). I understand that as the student, I am the primary contact for electronic statements, and any other persons that I authorize to receive these statements will receive electronic notification at the time a statement is generated. 
  • I consent to being contacted on all phone numbers, including cell phones, provided to the University as a source of contact. This includes contact from its agents, representatives and attorneys (including collection agencies) for purposes of collecting any portion of my account financial obligation which is past due. 
  • I understand that Belmont will provide access electronically to my IRS Form 1098-T every year I have reportable transactions with Belmont University.