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Financial Wellness

Student Financial Services

Financial Wellness at Belmont & iGrad

Belmont University is excited to offer iGrad, an award-wining, online financial literacy platform that provides resources, tools and assistance to achieve your financial goals, ultimately empowering you to pursue your dreams.

Financial Wellness refers to your ability to live within your means, manage your money in a way that gives you peace of mind and allows you to achieve your dreams while helping others.

Getting Started

Create a profile to get started with iGrad. Once your profile is created, you will have access to a personalized dashboard containing resources that will enable you to improve your money management, career, and student loan knowledge and skills. With recommended video tips, quick financial lessons, personalized job search and more, you will be well equipped to ensure your successful financial well-being in college and beyond.

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Setting up your iGrad Account is easy!

  1. Create an account at belmont.igrad.com.
  2. Follow the prompts to set up your profile.
  3. Explore the tools available in your personalized dashboard and start your financial wellness journey!

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iGrad brought to you by to the Thomas W. Beasley Center for Free Enterprise

This valuable, online platform is available for students at no additional cost to students and was made possible by a gift to the Thomas W. Beasley Center for Free Enterprise in support of the financial education initiatives of the Center and the University.

iGrad Suggested Resources

To get you started on your financial wellness journey we’ve outlined a few recommended resource bundles:

iGrad Budgeting tools
iGrad take a course on budgeting

iGrad Cars Video Series

iGrad Behavioral Economics Course

iGrad Emergency Fund Tool
iGrad Savings Course

iGrad Understanding Paychecks course
iGrad Federal Taxes Video Series

iGrad Student Loan Snapshot
iGrad Credit Card Paydown Tool
iGrad Managing Debt Tools
iGrad Credit Score Tool
iGrad Credit Scores and Understanding Credit Courses
iGrad Financial Aid FAQ Video Series

iGrad Insurance course

Your Money Personality
Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with Managing Your Money

Have Questions?

Setting up an account is fast and easily accessible. If you need any assistance with the platform, the team at iGrad can help. Send an email to support@iGrad.com or web chat with an expert within the platform.